#Broken in Lanihuli Station

Australia has a secret history of preying on migrant workers or what they refer to as"backpackers", foreign tourists looking for temporary work to supplement their vacation funds or extend their visa by two years. My own story began before the internet, cellphones or computers...I traveled downunder, encouraged by a pal who had recently moved there herself.  It was, to all accounts, a beautiful land of opportunity.  Clean, safe, friendly...the antithesis of the "eat you alive" mentality of New York City in the 1980s. After a month long visit in 1987,  I decided to give it a go and packed my bags for an extended visit downunder.
In December  I purchased a round trip ticket to Sydney, Australia.  My plans were to roommate with friends in their two-bedroom apartment in a suburb of Sydney.  After a few disastrous job opportunities - one working in a roadside sandwich shop swarming with hand-sized cockroaches, the only other possibility was working for a palsy stricken a…